Lympo metaverse integration

Cooperating with the Sandbox metaverse, Lympo has created a range of NFTs that can be utilized as assets in Sandbox. A part of these NFTs are based on the IP rights that Lympo holds and others represent various sports items that users can add to their Sandbox NFT collection or on their Sandbox land. Currently, users can either mint these NFTs on the Lympo NFT minting platform or in the future buy on the secondary market.
Lympo is also about to launch a social hub on Sandbox including a variety of sports related spaces like a stadium, a boxing ring, a basketball court and many more. This social hub will be a place to interact with Lympo athletes, Lympo community and to host special events.
Baskeball court legendary NFT
Common MMA Fightper NFT
Take a look at Lympo's metaverse vision here.
More information on this cooperation here.