Lympo NFT staking platform

Once users acquire Lympo NFTs, NFTs can be staked, alongside with the SPORT tokens, in the Lympo NFT staking platform to earn more tokens: various staking pools will include the tokens of Lympo ecosystem, SPORT, LMT and LYM, and various partner tokens.
Each Lympo NFT digital collectible has a score associated with it based on its rarity. Users can stake up to 15 NFTs + $SPORT per wallet in a staking pool. Lympo GOAT NFTs have a bonus staking reward depending on the price for which that NFT was sold.
Here are the reward ranges:
  1. 1.
    $15,000.00 — $50,000.00–5% Staking Bonus
  2. 2.
    $50,000.00 — $100,000.00–10% Staking Bonus
  3. 3.
    $100,000.00 and more — 50% Staking Bonus
Lympo NFT minting platform plans to operate different staking pools at the same time. Some pools will require a specific kind of collection or card rarity to enter. In this first phase of the platform users are allowed to stake up to 5 high-rarity cards (GOAT, Legendary, Epic) and up to 10 lower-rarity NFTs (Rare, Uncommon, Common). There is a 1% unstaking penalty if the NFTs are removed in the first 72 hours after being staked.
More detailed information on this product can be found here.