Upcoming Lympo games

One of the key utilities for Lympo NFTs are the upcoming Lympo play-to-earn games. Lympo is updating its game development partnerships on a continuous basis. The general application of NFTs in the games ranges from features like avatars and looks to in-game assets that upgrade a users to win more tokens while playing the game via, for example, special tournament participation, access to more lucrative plays, more and better equipment, more power and similar other functionalities.

Basketball manager game

Lympo Play-To-Earn Basketball Manager Game, announced earlier in 2022, will allow users to create a team, assemble a roster, and compete with other teams in a PvE (Player vs Environment) setting first with PvP (Player vs Player) feature upcoming in the future game versions.
Lympo will release a generative art NFT collection of male and female basketball characters that can be used in the game. The generative NFT characters will come in different rarities with a set of unique attributes that will affect the basketball team’s gameplay. Existing Lympo NFTs will be gamers’ gateway to success. Each Lympo NFT will provide users with in-game players with an extra boost that will increase the team’s overall strength. The game will utilize LMT tokens as in-game play to earn currency.

Other games and partnerships

Lympo has announced a partnership with an Australian award-winning game developer and publisher Blowfish Studios. The goal of this partnership is to create a play-to-earn blockchain game that utilizes Lympo NFTs alongside $SPORT and $LMT as in-game assets. Currently, Blowfish has a portfolio of 33 games, including self-developed and published titles. With the most recent addition - Phantom Galaxies game, Blowfish Studios is one of the largest and most powerful developers on the blockchain world.