Lympo NFT minting platform

Lympo NFT minting platform is a place where Lympo NFTs are minted. The holders of SPORT tokens can stake these tokens to get the pool credits. These credits are later spent to mint NFTs in that particular pool. The credits cannot be transferred to a different wallet or a different pool.
In addition to the credits, Lympo has introduced a dynamic pricing mechanism that kicks in as soon as a new series of NFTs are published on the NFT minting platform. Dynamic pricing allows users to get to the most wanted NFTs sooner by paying $SPORT token or ETH (on Polygon) and possibly other crypto currencies in addition to the credits. Dynamic pricing starts with a certain price that is dropping every pre-defined period of time until the price reaches zero and the NFTs can be minted with the credits only.
Some pools require users to not only stake $SPORT tokens, but liquidity pool (LP) tokens of a particular pair. For example, the Sandbox asset pool brought to the Lympo NFT platform in cooperation with Sandbox requires staking the LP tokens of the SAND/SPORT token pair on Uniswap. In this case, both communities are incentivized to participate to get Lympo Sandbox metaverse NFTs.
Currently, Lympo NFT minting platform has these pools:
  • Athletes
  • O'Lympians
  • REVV Motorsport (in cooperation with REVV)
  • Sandbox (in cooperation with Sandbox)
  • Blockchain Heroes (in cooperation with Blockchain Heroes NFT series)
This is the state of pools on the publishing date of this lightpaper (May 4, 2022). The newest pool additions can be found on the Lympo NFT minting platform: