The total $SPORT token supply is 1,250,000,000 tokens. Predefined amounts of $SPORT are allocated to the initial liquidity pools, staking reserve, future games, and in-game rewards, content and media development fund, treasury, team and advisors, current LYMUS token holders, and ecosystem empowerment tokens that will be used to attract athletes and clubs. The remaining reserve will provide token allocations to new ecosystem development efforts in the future.

The 12.5% Token distribution pool for the LMT token holders is allocated for those holders who had $LMT tokens before the hacking incident on January 10, 2022. As communicated before, all holders before the hacking incident will receive 1 SPORT token for 1 LMT token held. All LMT token holders who have bought the tokens after the hacking incident, but before Lympo announced the date of the second snapshot on January 16, 2022, will receive the SPORT token at the ratio 1 $LMT = 0.5 $SPORT. The SPORT token for these holders will be distributed over the period of 3 years. More information on this can be found here.

Unclaimed tokens will be transferred to the reserve pool.

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