Lympo Star tokens

Star tokens are the tokens of individual sports stars that will allow their holders to influence the stars by voting on various decisions that the stars will take. They will also allow holders to participate in lotteries, questionnaires and polls and win exclusive star prizes.

Lympo star token holders will be able to:

  • Vote on decisions influencing the stars. For example, appearance at an event or a game, new slogan, training music etc.

  • Vote on social media appearances of the stars. For example, a special video of a task the star had to accomplish based on the voting results.

  • Receive social media shootouts by the stars. For example, a birthday greeting from your favourite basketball players.

  • Get star memorabilia, for example, a signed poster or picture, a signed T-shirt, a signed training football ball, signed gloves from a match etc.

  • Meet and have an exclusive experience with the star.

Star tokens will be distributed in 4 different ways:

  1. Staking NFTs of a sports star For example, the holders of Tony G NFT cards will be able to stake these cards and to receive Tony G fungible star tokens. When staking rare cards, users will receive more tokens than when staking cards of lower rarity.

  2. Exchanging SPORT tokens to the new star tokens during an initial token offering A small portion of new star tokens will be accessible for SPORT token holders who will be able to exchange SPORT tokens to the new star token at a discounted rate. The star tokens will be locked or partially locked for a specific amount of time after the end of the star token offering.

  3. Accessing star tokens via a star token/$SPORT liquidity pool After the end of the initial star token offering, a liquidity pool of that token paired with $SPORT will be opened on a decentralized exchange. In the future, Lympo will also offer its own exchange solution where all star token/$SPORT pairs will be traded.

  4. Buying star tokens on the Lympo star token platform after purchasing $SPORT with a credit card

More information about the Lympo Star tokens can be found here.

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