Overview of Lympo tokens and platform

Lympo = GameFi + sports NFTs

The core principle of the Lympo ecosystem is the utility of NFTs. Lympo believes that NFT collectible value is short-lived and only appeals to a small niche of the audience. For this reason, Lympo has built and continues on building products where Lympo NFTs can be used and monetised. Here is a short summary of these products:
  • Lympo NFT staking: stake NFTs and earn various tokens
  • Lympo metaverse collaboration: use Lympo NFTs in the Sandbox metaverse
  • Lympo play-to-earn games: use Lympo NFTs to play and earn in games
In addition to NFTs, Lympo operates the main Lympo ecosystem token $SPORT and the play-to-earn currency $LMT. These ERC-20 utility tokens allow their holders to interact with Lympo ecosystem products. Main Lympo products run on the Polygon chain thus enabling cheap and fast transactions for product users and token holders. Both LMT and SPORT tokens are bridged to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain protocols.