Athlete Pool – Updated & Re-issued

Get ready for new Athlete NFTs!

While the Lympo NFT Minting platform was offline, users who had staked their LMT tokens in the Athlete pool were still generating credits throughout the whole period.

Starting from 2022-07-08 at 13:00 UTC, we'll be pausing the credit generation to keep the process fair for new users who are starting their journey into the Lympo Ecosystem.

We'll also bring the credit generation multiplier back to 1x

  • SPORT tokens will be required to stake instead of LMT.

  • All NFTs will be re-issued under a new collection. The newly issued NFTs will be available to claim via the Lympo Airdrop page.

  • Users who staked LMT tokens in this pool before the Lympo NFT Minting Platform went offline for updates were still generating credits until 2022-07-08 at 13:00 UTC The generated credits will appear on your account once the platform is online.

  • 14 new Athlete collections are created and ready to be added to the Athlete pool, these collections will be released gradually with new ones being created constantly.

Lympo Athlete NFTs will be Re-issued

If you hold any Lympo Athlete NFTs – you'll be able to claim a re-issued version of it using the Lympo Airdrop page.

For example: if you hold 3 Rose Namajunas Rare NFTs, 1 Tony G Legendary NFT, and 5 Eddie Hall Uncommon NFTs, we'll airdrop the re-issued versions of 3 Rose Namajunas Rare NFTs, 1 Tony G Legendary NFT, and 5 Eddie Hall Uncommon NFTs to your Lympo Airdrop profile. You'll be able to claim them at any time.

Lympo Athlete Season 2 Begins

All previous Lympo Athlete NFTs were part of a starting collection and have distinct borders to symbolize that. Every new Lympo Athlete NFT will now have new borders to symbolize the start of our V2.0 collection.

The New Lympo Athlete Collections

14 athletes have their NFT collections prepared for the launch of V2.0, we'll gradually release each collection and continue to onboard new athletes.

Some of Lympo Athletes that are part of the V2.0 collection in no particular order (the release order might differ).

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