v2.4.0 Notes - December 9th, 2022

This is an overview of all the latest features and improvements coming to our platform with the new minor update.

New Features

  • Complete NFT collection on the profile page
Before the update, the staked NFTs were not seen under the "Your Collection" section. With this release, users can see all their Lympo NFTs under their collection, despite their staking status.
  • Exclusive Collection Showcase
Previously Exclusive pool was closed and invisible for users who did not possess a key. We opened the pool for all users to view the history of released Exclusive NFT collectables. Access to minting in the Exclusive Pool has not been affected.

Updated Features

  • Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic Pricing will not be applicable to credit prices for minting NFTs. For example, minting a Common card will have a base price of 3 credits, and it will not reduce with time.
  • Minor Design Improvements
We introduced several minor design improvements for a smoother user experience.
  • Application optimizations