v2.3 Notes - September 9th, 2022

Date of release – 2022/09/09
We are constantly working on our NFT platform to make it easy to use and worth using. NFT platform v2.3 introduces Lympo NFT staking and opens Contender I Staking Pool - dig in for the full update.

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    NFT Staking

1. NFT Staking

New Features

  • Stake NFTs
Holders of Lympo NFTs can now stake their cards on Lympo NFT platform and earn rewards of $SPORT. NFTs have to be paired with a specific amount of $SPORT token to be staked. Each NFT card has different rewards associated with it based on its rarity and the amount of tokens staked in a pair.
Learn more about it here.
Contender I Pool
Together with the launch of the Staking, the first pool - the Contender I Pool - will be opened. Users will be able to stake their NFTs from the Athlete Pool. The size of the pool is 810,000 $SPORT.
Read more about the Contender Pool here.