Lympo NFT Collection V2.0

A new chapter in the Lympo NFT ecosystem – Collection Version 2.
Season 1 of Lympo NFTs has ended. That means that we won't be releasing any more NFTs utilizing Season 1 borders – all new athlete collections will be released with a new look. We'll also be re-issuing existing Lympo NFTs.
Lympo Season 2 NFT Border Showcase

Season 1 Lympo NFT Collection Will be Re-Issued

Several NFTs were taken from the Lympo operational wallet during the security breach in January. To ensure that only legitimately obtained Lympo NFTs are circulating the market – we will be re-issuing existing NFTs under new collections.

New Collections

The re-issued Lympo NFTs will be split into collections based on the pool they belong to. This will make finding the NFTs you want on 3rd party markets like OpenSea much more convenient.

Visual Changes

  • Existing Lympo NFTs won’t receive any visual changes upon re-minting.
  • Newly added Lympo NFTs will receive a new border style.