Launch of The Lympo Airdrop Page

Never Miss a Reward Again!

To distribute every Lympo reward, we’ll be opening a new section on the Lympo website called Lympo Airdrops. Once connected with your profile – you’ll be able to claim all eligible rewards at any point.

Airdrop Functionality

Connect your wallet to the Lympo Airdrop Page and you’ll see every reward that’s been issued to that wallet address. All you’ll need to do is claim the reward, which will be sent to the connected wallet.

Airdrop Types


Some airdrops will be permanent – meaning you'll be able to claim them without any time restrictions. They'll stay in your Airdrop Profile until you claim them.

Limited Time

Some airdrops will only be available for a limited time – meaning if you don't claim them within a certain time period, they'll dissapear from your Airdrop Profile. These airdrops will happen during holidays or special events, distributing limited availability and special NFTs.

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