Blockchain Heroes Pool – Updated & Re-issued

The collections is re-issued.

While the Lympo NFT Minting platform was offline, users who had staked their LMT tokens in the Blockchain Heroes Pool were still generating credits throughout the whole period.

Starting from 2022-07-08 at 13:00 UTC, we'll be pausing the credit generation to keep the process fair for new users who are starting their journey into the Lympo Ecosystem.

  • All NFTs will be re-issued under a new collection. The newly issued NFTs will be available to claim via the Lympo Airdrop page.

Blockchain Heroes NFTs will be Re-issued

If you hold any Blockchain Heroes NFTs – you'll be able to claim a re-issued version of it using the Lympo Airdrop page.

For example: if you hold an X-Change, Metalik and 3 Bitcoin Bro NFTs, we'll airdrop the re-issued versions of X-Change, Metalik and 3 Bitcoins Bro NFTs to your Lympo Airdrop profile. You'll be able to claim them at any time.

We, together with DAO will work on implementing more features to the Blockchain Heroes collection.

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