v2.2 Notes - August 30th, 2022

Date of release – 2022/08/30
We are constantly working on bringing new features to our NFT Minting platform updates to enrich the experience for our users. Here’s a summary of the new features that have been implemented with the latest update of our NFT Minting Platform.

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    Minting Platform

1. Minting Platform

New Features

  • Utility Pool
To make the user experience more enjoyable, we’re bringing additional utility to the Lympo NFT Minting Platform by opening a brand new and unique Utility Pool which will be exclusive to only those who own a special access key NFT.
Learn more about the Utility Pool here.
  • NFT Utility Items
Together with the Utility Pool, we are launching new Utility Items NFTs that will embellish the experience in the NFT Minting ecosystem and provide the users with special bonus features.
Here’s the list of all the items that will be added:
  • Utility Pool Key
  • Baseball Bat
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Football Helmet
  • Energy Bottle
  • Lifting Belt
  • Shoe of Momentum
Learn more about it here.