v2.3.2 Notes - October 14th, 2022

Our team is constantly working to improve the ecosystem and bring more functionality to our platform. This is an overview of all the features coming to our platform with the new update.

New Features

  • Champion I Staking Pool
We are launching our second staking pool - Champion I. In this pool, users will be able to stake their Athlete Pool NFTs. The pool size is 1,759,766 $SPORT.
Due to its unique reward structure, the pool was designed to bring more value to lower-tier NFTs.
Read more about the Champion I Pool here.
  • Official OpenSea Links
To make the navigation easier and safer for our users, we’ve included the official links to the collections on OpenSea.
By having access to the links, buyers will be sure they get official Lympo NFTs securely - without getting swindled on phishing websites.

Updated Features

  • Minor Design Improvements
We never forget about the smallest details and are constantly bringing minor updates to the design of our ecosystem.
From now on, you'll be continuously notified about the platform updates via a pop-up update log on the menu section. We've also updated our utility pool and how the information is showcased on the utility cards.