Introducing the Lympo NFT Staking

A general overview of the Lympo NFT Staking .
Lympo NFT Staking allows all Lympo NFT holders receive additional benefits for their collectibles.
Participating in NFT staking on the Lympo NFT platform rewards you in $SPORT or partner tokens, based on which pool you've joined. The reward mechanism varies amongst pools.
The number of $SPORT tokens earned on the Lympo NFT platform depends on the rarity of NFT cards staked — meaning the rarer the cards you choose to stake, the more $SPORT or partner tokens you'll be able to stake and earn more significant daily rewards.
Lympo will be continuously introducing new Staking Pools into the NFT Platform. The amount of NFTs staked, reward mechanism, available collections or tokens will vary depending on the selected pool. Each user will be able to develop the NFT staking strategy to yield the best rewards possible.