Launching The Utility Pool

Completely changing the game on how Lympo NFT Minting works.
To make the Lympo ecosystem even more interconnected and bring additional utility to Lympo NFTs – we’re opening a brand new, access-restricted, and exclusive NFT minting pool that allows participants to use special NFT boost items to change how they interact with the pool.

Accessing The Utility Pool

The Utility Pool is an exclusive place where only members who own a key NFT will be able to enter. The key NFT is burned upon use and the doors to the Utility Pool stay open forever.
The access key NFT can be acquired on the OpenSea marketplace here.

First-Issue NFT Utility Items

The new Lympo Utility NFTs consist of passive, consumable, and equipable items, each providing special bonuses when accumulating credits in the Utility Pool.
Each item is limited to a quantity of 1000 with the option to refill in the future. The decision to refill will be made by the Lympo DAO.

Item Types

Provides a continuous bonus to you, as long as the item is in your wallet.
Provides an immediate bonus and the NFT is burned upon use.
Provides a bonus as long as the item is equipped in one of the available item slots.
First Generation Lympo Utility Items
Item Name
Item Effect
Item Type
Item Limits
Baseball Bat
45% chance of doubling your credits or burning half, 10% chance of nothing happening at all
Energy Bottle
+100% credits every day for 10 days
Max 1 use per pool every 10 days.
Boxing Gloves
+ 0–50 credits
Max 3 uses per day, per pool
Football Helmet
+10 credits in a pool immediately
Max 5 uses per day, per pool
Lifting Belt
+1 credit a day in a specific pool
Doesn’t stack
Shoe of Momentum
+15% more credits in a specific pool Combo Effect: +30% more credits in a specific pool
Combo Effects don't stack

Balancing & Issuing of New Items

We'll monitor the power level of each power-up and adjust the power-up effects with future updates. The Lympo DAO will be able to suggest changes to old items and conceptualize completely new items.