v2.1 Notes - August 9th, 2022

Date of release – 2022/08/09
Changing the future of Blockchain & Sports is a continuous process, thus we are constantly working on our NFT Minting platform updates to bring the best utility and user experience. This log is a summary of new features, updates, and airdrops that have been implemented since the launch of Minting Platform 2.0 on the 14th of July, 2022.

Table of content

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    My Profile
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    Minting Platform
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    Lympo Airdrop

1. My Profile

New Features

  • Trophy Room
Trophy Room is a personal space where Lympo NFTs can be equipped for global boosts. With this release, users can now equip one Lympo medal. Learn more about it here.
  • Unstake Tokens
$LMT or $LP tokens that were staked in Minting Platform 1.0 can now be unstaked. This is a one-off feature and will disappear once used. Learn more about this feature here.

2. Minting Platform

Updated Features

  • Mint cards
Mint cards can now be used to redeem NFTs in pools as substitute for credits. Learn more about Mint Cards and their levels here.
  • Medals
Medals can now be equipped in the Trophy Room to receive a minting bonus across all pools. Learn more about Medals here.
  • Athlete NFT collections release
Starting from August 10th, 2022 we will be releasing new Lympo Athlete NFT Collections. Learn more about new collections here.

3. Lympo Airdrops


  • Blockchain Heroes NFTs
Blockchain Heroes NFTs have been re-issued as per new Lympo OpenSea structure. Learn more about Blockchain Heroes NFTs here.
  • Exclusive NFTs
Exclusive NFTs have been re-issued as per new Lympo OpenSea structure. Learn more about Exclusive NFTs here

$SPORT Tokens

  • Reimbursed O’lympian Credits
Following the closure of O’lympian pool, $SPORT token rewards have been distributed for pool credit holders. Learn more about the reimbursement here.
  • Sandbox/Lympo Giveaway
$SPORT token was distributed instead of $LMT to Sandbox x Lympo giveaway winners. Additional Rare Mint cards were added as a bonus reward. Learn more about the campaign here

$wETH Tokens

  • Refund for mistakenly bought hacked NFTs
Users who bought Lympo NFTs during hack incident were compensated the full amount they paid. Learn more about this here