Introducing The Lympo DAO

Participate in the DAO to shape the future of Lympo
We’ll be releasing a pivotal Lympo collection – Kahosa Life, consisting of 10,000 fantasy, sports, and manga-themed NFTs that unlock access to a DAO and additional assets in the upcoming Lympo gaming titles. The visuals will be based on sports-themed manga and we expect this collection to play a huge role in future Lympo development.
Inspirational Manga Style – Not Actual Kahosa Life NFTs

Kahosa NFT Utility

Kahosa NFT holders will be able to participate in the future development of the Lympo organization. Our main goal is to give as much decision power to our users as possible. So, DAO members will be able to weigh in on:
  • The development and updates of NFT Minting & Staking platforms.
  • The releases of upcoming gaming & physical experiences.
  • The onboarding of new Lympo Athletes.
  • The release schedule of new NFTs.
  • More NFT utility will be announced closer to the release date.
The DAO will be in full control of the treasury and its spending.
More details about the Kahosa Life NFT collection will be released in the near future.