v2.7.0 Notes - April 24th, 2023

Latest features and improvements coming to our platform with the new 2.7.0 platform update.

New Features

  • Champion III Pool
We are launching a new staking pool - Champion III. This is the latest and improved version of the Champion I and Champion II pools. The pool size is 1,053,741 $SPORT, and APR is 40%.
Please note that the process of staking has undergone some changes on Metamask's side. In order to proceed, you must now set a custom spending cap for your tokens. Simply select the "Use Default" option to proceed with the staking process.
  • Venly Integration
We have partnered up with Venly to introduce custodian wallets to our platform. Venly wallets allow users to take advantage of the Lympo platform without any hassle or technical Web 3 knowledge since Venly takes custody of private keys on behalf of users and provides easy sign-up options with socials or email.

Updated features

  • NFT License and T&C Update
We've updated our Terms and Conditions, as well as our NFT license. The updated sections: section 3. DESCRIPTION OF THE PLATFORM; section 4. NFT AND RELATED RIGHTS, LIMITATION, AND REPRESENTATIONS; section 5. ELIGIBILITY AND ACCEPTABLE USE; section 6. USER ACCOUNT. Read the updated Terms and Conditions here.
  • Regional Restrictions for US Users
With our updated policies, as per our legal department's guidance, we have decided to limit access to users from the US in order to prevent any legal complications.
We will no longer be able to offer our services to individuals who are located in the United States or who are considered US persons as defined under applicable US laws and regulations.
From this day forward, all US users will no longer be able to access our platform.
If you are a US user with staked funds on any Lympo minting pool, please be aware that they will be automatically unstaked and released to you after a 90-day grace period.
You can withdraw funds earlier by contacting our support.
If you have staked funds in our previous pools, including Champion II, please contact our support to withdraw your tokens.