o'Lympian Pool – Removed

It's time for a change.

The o’Lympian pool featured the very first Lympo NFTs and hasn't received much updates or attention from the Lympo team for a long time. We decided that needed to change, that’s why we’ll be closing down the o’Lympian pool and distributing Lympo Mint cards to o'Lympian NFT holders.

Using Lympo Mintcards o'Lympian NFT holders will be able to participate in a more active pool without spending any credits.

o'Lympian Pool Changelog

  • The o'Lympian pool is discontinued.

  • O'Lympian NFT holders will receive Lympo Mintcards, based on the NFTs they held.

  • O'Lympian Pool credit holders will receive 10 SPORT tokens for each Credit held during the snapshot date of 2022-07-08 at 13:00 UTC. I.e. If you had 300 Unused credits, you will receive 3000 SPORT tokens to your Airdrop page.

  • People who had 5 different o'Lympian Legendary NFTs, additionally would receive 1 GOAT Lympo Mintcard.

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