v2.6.0 Notes - March 6th, 2023

This is an overview of all the latest features and improvements coming to our platform with the new update.

New Features

  • Blockchain Heroes NFT Swap
We’re closing down the Blockchain Heroes NFT collection. Here are all the changes that will be implemented to the pool:
  • All holders of Blockchain Heroes NFTs can swap their collectibles into Lympo Mintcards and use them to mint NFTs from upcoming collections.
  • All credits you had in the Blockchain Heroes pool will be converted to $SPORT, airdropped to your wallet and will be available to claim on our platform.
Users will be compensated for the BCH credits accumulated until that date with a conversion rate of 1 BCH credit = 0.57 $SPORT.
The rate of x1.75 was applied during the entire staking period for the pool, and the rate for the compensation was adjusted accordingly.
Read more about Blockchain Heroes here.
  • Credit Card Payment for $SPORT
We're making it easier to access $SPORT tokens by introducing a new payment option through a trusted partner, Swipelux. You can now purchase $SPORT tokens using your credit card directly on our platform.
  • LYMUS Rewards Voting Implementation
Lympo Medal owners had the opportunity to vote on how they would like to receive their LYMUS rewards, and Option 1 was chosen as the winner. This option provides continuous NFT Staking Bonuses for Lympo Medals in all staking pools, with the bonus amount varying depending on the rarity of the medal (15%, 10%, or 5%).
Additionally, users can choose to burn their NFTs within three months for 8,245 $SPORT tokens. The remaining tokens will be directed to the Lympo treasury.
The time frame for burning the medals is from March 6th, 23:59 UTC, to June 6th, 23:59 UTC.
The associated $SPORT tokens will be vested from 2023 March 6th, 23:59 UTC, to 2023 December 31st, 23:59 UTC. During the vesting period, the tokens will be unlocked and available for claim every second.
A full overview of the voting process can be found here.

Updated features

  • REVV Motorsport Pool Closing
We’re also closing down another one of our minting pools — REVV Motorsport.
Users can now unstake all their LP tokens and transfer credits they've earned in the pool to another Lympo minting pool of their choice.