Champion III Pool

All about the Champion III Staking Pool.

The Champion III Pool is the latest version of the Champion I and Champion II pools available in the Lympo NFT Staking. The size of the pool is 1,053,741 $SPORT. The pool has a competitive fixed 40% APR.

To ensure a fair ecosystem, users must stake NFTs of different rarities. Meaning that 1 wallet will only be available to stake up to 11 high-rarity NFTs (GOAT, Legendary, or Epic), while the other 40 will have to be of a lower rarity (Rare, Uncommon, or Common). To keep staking fair for the whole ecosystem, only one GOAT card is allowed to be staked per staking pool.

The amount of $SPORT that can be staked is determined by the rarity of staked NFTs — higher rarity NFTs allow users to stake more $SPORT.

The maximum amount of $SPORT that can be staked per wallet is 1,280,000.

The minimum amount of $SPORT required to stake is 500.

*In this example, if you would stake 15,000 $SPORT together with your NFTs, you would earn a 3.33% reward of the staked amount every 30 days (or 40% APR). That means after 30 days, you would have accumulated 500 $SPORT as a reward for participating in the Lympo NFT Staking ecosystem, and you would own 15,500 $SPORT in total. ​​

The Champion III Pool requires to stake NFTs for at least 72 hours. If NFTs are unstaked before that time, a fee of 1% will be applied.

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