v2.3.1 Notes - September 20th, 2022

The team is relentlessly working to bring you the best user experience by continuously updating our Minting Platform. Here’s everything that’s coming with the newest 2.3.1 version.

1. Minting Platform

New Features

  • Early Price Reveal
With the newest update on our minting platform, users now will be able to see the price of an NFT just as it gets revealed. This means that as soon as the countdown to the minting starts, the card's price will be public.
  • Showcasing of Available Collections
To make the minting experience more convenient, we’ve implemented a showcasing feature that allows users to see which NFT collections are not fully minted and what cards are available. No need to go through every collection manually anymore.
  • Filter in the Personal NFT Collection
To make browsing and managing collections more comfortable, we added filters to them. The NFTs can now be filtered by collections and/or rarity of cards.

Updated Features

  • Number of Cards to Mint
We’ve updated our minting policy of mix-matching. Now, instead of being able to mint 1 card of one rarity, users can mint up to 10 same rarity cards at the same time.
  • Total Credits Bar
The previous version of our minting platform made it inconvenient for users to see their total credit amount - it was only visible at the top of the page. Now, the credit bar will be visible as you scroll.
  • Minor Design Updates
Even the smallest details matter, so to make the experience more appealing to our users, we’ve also implemented minor changes to the design of our minting platform.